The Turtle and the Hare

The Turtle and the Hare

This story has been told and retold over the ages, but is certainly a story that will teach your child an important lesson that will stay for life. You can stick to the classic or make your own version with different variables that will nonetheless impart the valuable lesson that your child needs to learn.

The hare is not only a beautiful little creature but is known for its speed and cleverness. Turtles, on the other hand, are amphibians that are more down to earth and, of course, slower in all aspects of life.

One fine day, the hare bragged and came up with the idea of holding a race with the turtle. The turtle agreed, and the race began.

The hare managed to get a good lead over the turtle because he was an excellent runner. However, such was the ego of the hare that it not only goes way ahead of the turtle but also decides to take a nap at some distance just before the finish line. Such was the ego of the hare that he was convinced he would easily win even if he slept for some time to rub it in.

The turtle, on the other hand, was far slower than the hare. However, he keeps up with the race with determination and without cutting corners. The turtle managed to reach the finish line just as the hare was waking up! He, nevertheless won the race even though he was a far slower runner than the hare and not even rubbing it in the hare’s face.

Moral Of The Story

As long as you are steady and determined, you will always win, no matter what your speed is. Laziness is your enemy, as is pride.

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